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New ideas

I am one of those potters who loves finding new work and trying new techniques. It seems that every time I play with a new technique, it adds to my "vocabulary" as a potter - making the work more fluent, or capable of expressing more ideas. These cubes are part of a whole investigation into the concept of "Unearthed". They are hollow and so surprisingly light - they look heavy but weigh almost nothing, being made of paperclay. This winter I have played quite a bit, and whereas sometimes it feels like nothing has come of it, I know that these explorations are like planting seeds. Some of them flourish and some of them don't, but the potential germination of new things is always exciting.

This is another of the Unearthed pieces. I have chosen the pitcher as a form, being so connected to ancient civilisations. I have used a technique to add lichen like growths to the surface, suggesting the patina of age, or that nature is gradually eroding the surface, reclaiming the piece for its own. Towards the end of this year the wonderful Gallery 57 is having a themed exhibition called "Unearthed" and I am hoping that some pieces like these will be appearing there. Its a really good example of how a gallerist can act as a muse to the artist, inspiring the creation of work. These collaborations don't happen that often - more often than not the galleries offer not much more than shelf space, but it can be a richly rewarding experience for both the gallerist and the artist when the relationship goes beyond the supplier/stockist.

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