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My vessels have always been curved in form, carrying a simplicity and relationship to nature itself.  Most of my work is thrown on the wheel and as each piece dries, it is either burnished with a stone or textured and altered.  A base colour may be added to the clay to enhance the effects of the fire.  After the vessels are fired once in a kiln, they are ready for the smoke fire.  

My motivation as an artist is to make pieces which are as authentically natural and beautiful as nature itself.  There is a theory that the artist attempting this is always doomed to fail, but by allowing the fire to make its mark on each vessel, every piece of work is as unique as an ancient rock sculpted by the elements.  Each vessel is tactile and warmer to the touch than glazed ceramics, feeling more like skin than stone.  


Lichen vessel group
Smokefired group
Smokefired group
Lichen Vessel
smokefired cubes
Smokefired bottle forms
Smoke fired vessels
Smokefired vessels
Smoke fired vessels - 34-26cm
Smoke fired vessel - 14cm
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