My work is either wheel thrown or hand built.  Each piece is a canvas on which I aim to capture something of the beauty of the landscape and coast around the Scottish Highlands where I live.    

The surface effects are made in collaboration with a smoke fire where the vessels are burned alongside wood shavings and plants common to the Highlands, including moss, seaweed and bracken.  By controlling the texture of the shavings and additions to the fire, each vessel becomes a unique and spontaneous reflection of nature.  As the vessels remain unglazed, they are tactile and warmer to the touch than glazed ceramics, feeling more like skin than stone.  


Smokefired vessel - 19cm

Smokefired pod vessel - 30 cm

Smokefired vessel - 26cm

Smokefired vessel - 28cm

Smokefired vessel - 25cm

Smokefired vessel - 28cm

Smokefired fern vessels - 23cm

Pair of smokefired fern vessels - 14cm

Smokefired vessel - 23cm

Smokefired fern vessels

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