My work is either wheel thrown and then carved or smoke fired.   In every piece I am seeking to capture something of the individuality and spontaneity of nature, such as the form of plants or patterns in rock formations.  


Smoke firing involves subjecting precious ceramic objects to burning sawdust and flames.   At each firing, the potter attempts to influence the outcome with experience and intuition, but the fire has the final say.   Each smoke fired vessel is only man made in its form, and the end result is always a spontaneous and unique collaboration between the potter and the flames.    Smoke fired ceramic vessels are closely connected to the earth and fire which lie at the heart of ceramics. 



Smokefired vessel - 23cm

Smokefired vessel - 21 cm

Smokefired vessel - 12 cm

Smokefired hollow form vessel - 16cm

Smokefired hollow form vessels - 10-15cm

Smokefired fern vessels

Smokefired vessel

Smokefired sculpture

Smokefired vessel - sold

Smokefired vessel - 23cm

Smokefired vessel

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