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A bit over two weeks ago, I was slightly dreading the start of the season - you know - time to leave the shed, welcome home the ski bum and get busy with tourists on the boat. Everyone was getting prepared to open for the season. I was still looking forward to a couple of weeks of quiet making, and I was having first discussions about an exhibition in Edinburgh. Then Macron shut down France, the ski bum dashed home ... with no wine (wtf)... and a virus (impossible to say for sure if its THE virus, but let's face it...). We've been strictly quarantined so as not to pass it on, and like everyone else we've all being trying to get our heads around what is happening. Suddenly the community has no income (fishing and tourism gone). We think a lot about people contemplating ruined businesses, mounting debts and separations from loved ones. Time will tell if the lock down was worth the price many will have paid. Meanwhile, we all have lots of time. I won't be able to sell my work, unless I do it online, but time is a gift. I am going to try and use it wisely.

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