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Here we go again

This post is a bit ironic after the last one.... Anyway, yesterday I hung out THE SIGN. This is both practical and symbolic, because it marks the beginning of the 2023 visitor season. I am basically inviting people to visit me in the studio ... and so it begins. Despite my introverted tendencies, I actually love meeting people in the studio. For starters, its ok just to talk about ceramics. Small talk is not required. Secondly, there are always only a few people at a time, which is a number I can always cope with. Thirdly everyone is invariably lovely and enthusiastic, which helps me a great deal with my rowdy inner critic. So, despite the last post, I am really looking forward to the season ahead. Come and visit if you can, either in the studio or at one of the Potfest events I am doing this year. It will be lovely to see you. x

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