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Introverts ...

I saved this picture a while back because it made me laugh so much. It reminded me of me circa 1977, when I was at the Silver Jubilee celebrations looking and feeling like this. I used to think I was a wierdo misfit who liked to read books or make art in my room, avoiding any social interaction. My parents used to try and make me go out to play. They looked worried. I have since realised that I am just part of a tribe known as the are my bloody parents... they never said anything. Anyway, winters are very good for me because I get to be on my own alot. Its really excellent... and a very creative time.

I don't feel bad about being an introvert anymore I avoid dinner parties with people I don't know, because I just end up strapping on my jazz hands (which is what introverts do to deal with social situations) but then afterwards I can't remember much about anything, and feel disappointed with myself that I didn't just sit at home with the cat). Weddings are a particular nightmare, including my own. If you are extrovert, this will sound all very strange - but its completely normal. I wish someone had told me that when I was 8....

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