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Just in case you wanted an update to our skiff team progress, we just did our first regatta of 2019. I was honestly a bit worried because we only managed to launch the skiff about 6 weeks before, so we were not exactly in race condition. Still, we made a good job of trying to get as fit as possible, even if this wasn't anything like as fit as we needed to be....

Looking on the bright side, the Ullapool regatta was a scaled down event, limited to just Highland teams, so the really tough Southern teams would not be there (the Edinburgh and City catchment areas give much greater depth for the teams). We would in effect be rowing against our smaller community peer group which would be a decent measure of how far we had come since last year. To cut a long story short, we entered five teams and scored two gold medals, two bronze medals and one fifth place. We had all assumed we would be home for tea, but we had to hang around for the medal ceremony!

On a different point, we were on the way home and had to stop as a motorcyclist had fallen from his bike in the wet conditions in Glen Torridon (he was ok). The glen is a single track road and as he was lying in the road not wanting to get up, we had to sit and wait. Mercifully it was only for an hour or so, and despite the rain, people were coming up and down the row of cars visiting their neighbours...and fellow medal winners. The joys of living in a small community where even a traffic jam becomes an opportunity to have a chat....

Incidentally, it must've been the most medal laden traffic jam in the history of the glen. Now we are going to take a week off rowing and then start practising for our home regatta in August....


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