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So what's happenin'?

Hi again (if there is anyone out there). How's it going? You may have noticed I have been distracted (again). January and February were supposed to be jam packed with ceramic creativity, but I did almost nothing on that front.

Instead I was learning how to use Adobe Indesign at the same time as trying to publish the village magazine, and generally trying to advance the community's plans for housing... as well as getting involved around the margins with a planning objection to the expansion of a salmon farm. Me and a rowing club friend also got going with a new fundraising initiative - making bee wraps. We want to build a clubhouse you see.

By the beginning of March, I was aware that I had only a few weeks left to try and get stuck into some projects just for myself (before the husband comes home and the boat projects start). I got to asking myself why I do this? I am increasingly aware that if I put as much effort into my own pottery as I do everything else, I could in theory make much faster 'progress'. So why don't I do that? There is nothing stopping me but me.

The truth of it is that the fuzzy creative process of pottery is far harder than concrete task based projects. (I think that's respect to all artists.) I am far more in my comfort zone ticking jobs off than sitting around squishing clay into forms that feel right, but that two weeks later you are dissatisfied with and that just point you towards another place (or not). I am a relentless completer finisher, and the artist is never finished. There is no destination. Give me the village magazine, and that's something defined, and as a hopeless fixer, I can't resist the challenge of taking it on. So where does that leave pottery? Well, I am not about to abandon it. I still want to develop my neglected artistic side. I have managed to make a couple of additional figures this month, and a few kiln loads of work which I am happy with. The smokefiring is back on track (this can be elusive at times). I have a studio full of work to sell. If I am stalling, its because I am not experimenting enough, and for that I need time.... its like a viscous circle. I need a plan of attack, which is supposed to be something I am good at. What I need to do is to treat myself as a project.... and basically kick myself up the arse. I only have to put some ideas on paper and play around with them. It can't be that hard can it?


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