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Something different

This is what happens when an artist gets stuck in a rut. The artist gets stagnant and frustrated and then something unexpected "breaks out" from WHO KNOWS WHERE! The series of little figures that led up to this looked equally tortured. I suppose I was trying to express something, and not just the frustration of feeling artistically stalled. Jules struggles with aspects of being here, and retired, and not sailing, and honestly speaking, this is probably an expression of that - or perhaps my reaction to that - or both. As a result, these pieces have been affectionately referred to as "Sad Jules I, II, III" etc. Luckily the ski season is about to start.... Looking on the bright side, they are fantastically meditative pieces to create. I have quite a stock of the vessels for now, so I am hoping to make more of these over the winter. I am not sure they are going to cheer up any time soon. Angst is such a good subject for the artist, and it has to come out somehow. Think of it as therapy.


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