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The Tupperware Scale

I have decided that every community should be allocated a score according to the "Tupperware Scale". The idea is simple: If you give out any of your tupperware containers to neighbours, how many come back? Would they all come back? Would they all come back washed? Would some of them even come back full of homemade treats? Even though my husband remains dubious, I love and cherish aspects of where I live. One of them is the community's score on the Tupperware Scale. Basically, we smash it out of the park. At our fete this year, this was seriously tested when I basically filled every piece of tupperware I own (a lot) with left over bircher muesli from the village fete and distributed it around. Within a few days, every piece was back, washed. Its the sort of thing that makes me really happy to be here; the quiet thoughtfulness of people. Recently I gave a neighbour some home smoked mackerel because sometimes he catches fish and gives us some. The tupperware came back full of homemade fudge. Keep passing it on. In making small acts of kindness, tupperware matters.

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