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What no social media?

So I just realised its September and my last post was in..... March. Real life must have got in the way. Sorry. I completely understand if you all got bored, discovered a truly diligent blogger and moved on. Hopefully your life has been getting in the way too ... in a good way. Now the long summer of 2018 has gone... and I am sitting here in the rain, I'll bring you up to date.

I am sure I have mentioned before, that since the structure of an office job was removed, my life has felt less like an amazon warehouse (busy but super efficient) and more like a kids party with added e numbers. I have no idea whether I am coming or going. I have the same number of "balls in the air", but its not so much juggling as the balls are being fired at me from all directions. I didn't expect that. So much for a life of serenity away from London.

I had promised myself that life was going to be really simple, and I was definitely NOT going to get sucked into stuff..... Just say "no!".

As it stands, I seem to have been press ganged, cajoled or lured into, community car scheme booking (one day a month), community first responding (two nights a week), prawn packing (ad hoc, but could be two nights a week), making a website for the new Gaelic placetimes website, acting as secretary of the community association, soon to be publisher of the community magazine (one frantic month a year) and community skiff rowing training nerd (never off duty). In between, I try and find time to make pottery, crew for my husband's sailing business, tend the garden, help neighbours and go for walks with the cat. Nothing has a time slot in the day, and everything tends to come at once. If I don't put things on a list, my brain loses it. I failed to do my yoga and mediation.... and social media. Do you think I need a life edit?

Here we can mull briefly on what makes any person's life worthwhile. Is it sitting in a room on your own slaving away at your passion to create a perfect masterpiece. Or perhaps the secret is the time people give to each other, even if that's just listening over a cup of tea. I don't know. Perhaps its a bit of both. I think I might have a bit much on, but even if I am time poor, my life here feels rich with projects and people.

So forgive the absences.... If I go quiet, you'll just have to imagine the benign, tail chasing chaos in the Highlands. In the next few posts, I'll try and tell you about some of our summer adventures. I just hope I get round to it before next March!

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