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We have had the worst autumn and winter..... cold and wet. It feels more harsh given how last autumn and winter were one of the best on record. Its been an abject lesson in life's disappointments. We have literally not had a sustained period of settled weather since July..... ouch. Nowt for it but to SUCK IT UP. Its better since my husband left for the ski slopes - as he feels it the worst - and then I feel worse too, as if its my fault. Its true that our quality of life would be better if we could have more frequent settled spells, especially in the Summer months. Maybe we will have to escape South more frequently. Whatever the weather, its still beautiful up here, and so you just have to get out there regardless. I can't wait for Rollo to see a full week of warm sun..... he has never known such a thing since moving here! He is permanently soaked, and also smells of sheep poo..... nice. Anyway, despite his Norwegian Forest Cat credentials, Rollo wasn't so sure about the snow, until I introduced him to snow balls.....

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