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Ship's cat training

Rollo gets to be a normal cat most of the time, but we are also trying to encourage his natural adventure cat tendencies. The general idea, if he is up for it, is that he comes sailing with us in the Summer. This is fine, but we have to move slowly to get him comfortable with the idea. This means we have to look at every new situation through his eyes. He doesn't understand the sea, or boats, or sailing. He only has our trust to go on if we suggest something new. He doesn't need much encouragement, but brand new experiences can be daunting. The weather here conspired all autumn to prevent us starting the ship's cat training, so we started this later than we wanted. He was initially thrown by the fact the floor was moving, even though it was slight. He soon relaxed. We would never take for granted the trust he has in us, but we must not abuse that or it could disappear. He's a special boy. It'll be interesting to see where he draws the line, and he surely will at some point. Noone ever made a cat do anything they didn't want to do!

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