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New shapes and a cat

On our Arctic Circle voyage, I did quite a bit of imaging nice things, Mary Poppins style. Its quite a good way of negotiating away the demons.

One of these was a cat. I love cats in a mad old cat lady way. Having said that, I have never gone out and got one for myself. All our family cats (bar one) just turned up and adopted us. Since I left home, I have never felt I could have a cat because I worked all day for long hours. But about two years before we left London, we were adopted by Oscar the Norwegian Forest cat. He had decided to leave home when his owners adopted two rescue cats. Oscar was disgusted. He found us in a rather poorly state and so we used to accommodate him whenever we could (in between his short trips home) and we became firm friends. Needless to say, when we left London, we missed him terribly. We still do. Before Oscar, we had never heard of the Norwegian Forest Cat, but it is a wonderful breed. Their fur is incredibly soft, but they do not need grooming. They have furry feet and a big mane around their necks. They can be huge. They are independent and have a knowing and regal air about them, which we rather like, as well as being intelligent. They are easy friends.

So to fulfil my promise to myself, when I got back from this Summer's adventure, I looked to see if any breeders had Norwegian Forest Cat kittens available (its kitten season), and (to cut a long story short), we are now slaves to a 16 week old Forest Cat kitten. He is a terrible distraction, but he is already giving back love in spades. So now we are three. The plan is to take him on all our adventures, but I expect Rollo (named after the first King of Normandy... a viking) may have his own ideas. He is a cat after all.

The other thing I thought about on night watches, was pots. These thoughts were never very productive because I could never test the theory with a lump of clay, but I did decide to develop the rounded shape further. This is the result, kitten distractions notwithstanding. What do you think?

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