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New year, new pots

So how was 2016 for you? The consensus so far is that it was a weird one. Being an over privileged middle class type of potter, I was definitely on the wrong side of the voting fence last year. In a way, though, we should have seen it coming. If there is one truth on this whole planet, its that things need to stay broadly in balance. Think of any example that you like; if things get wonky, radical things eventually happen in an effort to restore the balance. Politics, the environment, relative wealth, the financial markets, tectonic plates, marriage.... There should be a wise man or woman of the world in charge of Balance. They would get to point out the bleeding obvious so that something can be done before the disenfranchised of the world resort to mass migration, war or voting into the highest office in the land a narcissistic orange megalomaniac (but that's just my opinion).

Anyway, back on safer ground, so far in 2017, I have made one floating stone, a failed first clay "canvas" and 20 small pots. I have also lost one husband to the ski slopes. This is fine, as long as he comes back. In the meantime, I have wall to wall guilt free potting. This is a significant upside in an otherwise sad situation, so I am planning to make the most of it. I am feeling some pressure to organise the time profitably, but I will try and find some balance.... because we know what happens if you don't....

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