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Mother nature got inspired

We have been having weeks of dry, cold weather. This is always a bonus up here. The maritime climate and gulf stream tend to send us wet and windy conditions, so a spot of high pressure is seen as a real treat. If possible, indoors jobs are all put off until the weather goes bad again.

Mother Nature seemed to be enjoying the weather as well. She painted the mountains and the valleys in ice and snow. We had a Winter Wonderland for a while - Narnia style. We expected Mr Tumnus to emerge from the trees, or Santa and his sleigh. She also got busy on our loft windows. I wouldn't usually head upstairs in the morning (its an office room), but I am so glad that I did! Its the intricacy of the pattern that is so impressive - like a repeating pattern designed for upmarket wallpaper or fabric. Logically, I know that it has something to do with the shape of the ice crystals (maths and physics and chemistry), but to me its just magic.

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