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A new studio with a view

Welcome to the new studio. What do you think? Most people look at this picture and say "forget the studio, look at that view!". This is what we see from our kitchen window. Its the view I get every time I make a cup of tea (often). I refuse to take it for granted - every day the colours change, and the sun sets in a slightly different place. I try and take time to look and appreciate. Right now, the sun sets behind the island. In mid summer, it sets well behind the studio. You can't help but notice that the shadows in the day are longer and the light softer. Amidst throwing and polishing pots, and dreaming up new directions for the work, this potter can look out of the window and contemplate weather, wildlife, colour and moods. I also see neighbours passing by (never lonely). All this makes it a very special place to work. I have hardly been able to use it these last few weeks while we have had family to stay, but I know that with the ebb and flow here, all things have their time. All that matters is that the studio is here and all the possibilities are now waiting to happen. Meanwhile, there is always that view...

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