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Blogging block

I know it's lame, but I have had a total block on the blogging. Basically, I bored myself into total inertia. My bad. I guess I am not really cut out for laying out my life/thoughts/opinions for who knows who to read. Why would anyone be interested anyway? I am a potter, and shed time is basically fascinating for me, but potting time moves slowly, and its hard to make it sound exciting. I mean, my husband is not even that interested in what happens at the end of the garden. Its best just to produce the works (TA DA!) and forget blathering on about all the painful stuff in between. So apologies if this does not get updated regularly. I will try and compensate by making the stuff I do write interesting! Anyway, to kick off, my dad uploaded this video to youtube. He had one of his sentimental moments (which always makes my mum's head revolve like in the Exorcist). The kid in the video is me in the early 1970s (ahh). Shortly after that, I stopped being cute. If you watch the video, you will see I spend a lot of time in a hood with the strings done up tight, like Kenny in South Park. I actually remember those strings being really annoying. I guess my mum didn't want me to get earache, or my brains to fall out. Best thing in the video is the banger racing footage - in the days before health and safety. I love anything that hasn't been visited by health and safety. These days, I look at the really little kids on scooters and try and remember how many brain damaged kids I ever came across who had fallen off their scooter (zero, as you ask). I guess its more dangerous than it used to be.... Anyway, taking a few risks is good. Its how you learn what's real and what's imaginary. Its like all my friends who think sailing is inherently dangerous, but who drive along the motorway at warp speed, which is obviously totally safe. Anyway, I guess you get which side of the 'elf and safety' argument I fall on. Just don't call me reckless.

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