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I squeezed in one smoke firing last week, but thats it until the end of this month. I have a back log in the shed (a queue of pots) and any ideas or experiments just have to wait. To try and give myself a sense of forward motion, I catalogued the pots fired since the beginning of the Summer. I realised my notes still suck (despite having resolved to improve that). I guess there are levels of improvement. So we are going for an upgrade. From now on, pots get catalogued as they are produced, which includes a visual image and a description of weather and firing conditions. I am hoping this will show patterns in the nature of the firings themselves, principally weather related, and how this affects the outcome. What made pot #34 so good compared to another prepared in exactly the same way? It must boil down to the fire. I need to do a series of experiments involving heating pots before they are smoke fired, and also dampening sawdust slightly (to slow the fire). Maybe there is a sweet spot? I feel like the next wave of learning is approaching.

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