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About a year ago, Mandy's cancer finally reached her brain and she went home to die. We spent a lot of time in the last few weeks of her life hanging out in her garden. This year, since the weather got colder, and the leaves start to look tired, the hurt feels more raw again. I know the others share that too. The dying Summer has brought the memory back. I don't want to forever associate Autumn with Mandy's dying, but maybe thats ok. Its such a beautiful month, but Mandy was like the Summer, colourful, abundant, warm and slightly riotous. So as she died, it seemed so right that Autumn had arrived. Summer was over. I have been thinking about how we could do something to mark her death in each year. Perhaps some guerilla gardening....? We could start with some English bluebells in the nearby woods. She would have liked the idea of giving of life, in a subversive kind of way. We miss you Mandy.

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