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Best expedition?

We found ourselves back on the river Deben this weekend, except that it didn't look like this. It was cloudy, and it rained a lot. Even so, we like to think of ourselves as "hardy" English types, so we went on a little expedition anyway. We canoed from Ramsholt up the Deben past Woodbridge to see how far we could follow the Deben. There is always a bit of a frisson to exploring new places, so it was actually quite exciting paddling into the unknown, even if it wasn't the Amazon. Various people had said we wouldn't get far, because we would probably not be able to get under the railway bridge or some such. So we felt pretty happy when we made it to Ufford.... where there happens to be a pub. After a half time pint, we paddled back to Woodbridge to get the Sunday papers (no Sunday is truly complete without the Sunday papers). Obviously, it helps to have a liking for man made fibres and a tolerance for the wet, but a successful expedition with a half time pint AND the Sunday papers (followed by a nap) is up there in our list of favorite things to do. Cheap dates. Anyway, that's it for August. Summer and August always seems to slide between my fingers and too soon the evenings get their sharp breath of cold and the fields fill with morning mist. I start out September by feeling sad, but not for long. Autumn is such a beautiful season its hard to stay cross at it for long. This Winter is the last in London too. We have to make the most of doing towny things in towny clothes. Its our last chance before we become nomadic for a few years.

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