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Seaside frolics

I didn't get round to blogging this week. Its partly because I bore myself rigid blabbing about nothing much in particular. The other excuse is my mum was over from Spain, so I was on mum-sitting duty. The thing is, when you work up the shed, you are the boss and the boss ALWAYS gives you time off to be with your mum. Best boss in the world aye? Anyhoo... it was Mum's birthday today and so we went to Brighton to play on the machines (as you do). We like all the old school stuff, like shove ha-penny (except its now 10p or, if you are a total cheapskate, 2p). After spending all our coins, we decided it was better to watch everyone else spend all their money. Vicarious pleasure. We also played wack-a-mole, which is basically any machine which has things popping up with you wack with a hammer. Its the cheapest therapy known to man (apart from popping bubblewrap). 50p as you ask. The other revelation of the day was eating baby plum tomatoes injected with vodka. From now on, its going to be my party munchy of choice. Its a bit like a bloody mary in a wrapper. Amazing. Grab yourself a hypodermic needle and give it a go...

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