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Best seaside activity ever?

Want to know the best thing to do at the seaside? Crabbing No contest. If you have never tried it, go do it now. If you haven't done it, you have had a deprived childhood and need to have a word with your parents. So for the uninitiated, this information will make your life complete. All you need is a bucket, a line wrapped around a stick (long enough to reach the bottom of whereever you are crabbing), a juicy old bone or bacon (which you tie to the end of the line). Or, even better, get an old laundry tablet string bag, or one of those string bags oranges are sold in, and put the meat in that and tie it to the line. Then stand alongside a pontoon sticking out into the water, or some seaweedy rocks in the shallows, or a sea wall, and throw in your line (if your meat is fatty, you will need a weight tied to the bag). Wait for a few minutes and pull out your line. If you don't catch a crab in 10 minutes, try another spot. Sometimes it can take a while for the crabs to smell the meat and congregate. At other times there is no waiting at all! Apart from the obvious anticipation of actually catching crabs, the other fun part is getting the crabs into the bucket without dropping them back into the water, especially when there are about three or four crabs on the line at once. However many you catch (about 60 is the record at this end), don't forget to race them back into the water at the end (cue crabs running sideways in every direction). Its the best fun you can have for the cost of an icecream. Austerity entertainment.

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