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Potter goes on holiday...

Next week I am taking a break from the shed to visit my mum... in Spain. Its a hard life. Its a good time to do it. I have made around 40 moon jars in the last month and I feel like I need space to think up some new experiments. I need more crazy ideas to try in the smoke fire. It would be good to discover some new and interesting surface effects. Maybe I should try some surface texture. I was carving a moon jar yesterday (we have gone large as I am getting brave) and some of the rings got me thinking. That is the creative process for you... a bit random. Anyway, lying in the sun for five days ought to do it.. I have had a bit of difficulty finding clothes to take which don't have holes. My blessed mother has standards... this is not easy when all your clothes look a bit threadbare. I have really pushed the boat out and also washed my filthy rucksack... or I may not have been admitted onto the premises. Thus I can pretend I am a proper grown up who cares about these things. Anyway, its an imperative to keep your parents happy, and to meet their expectations of you. A degree, 20 years of a respectable job, a half circumnavigation, a few skills with clay, a stable marriage..... but woe betide you turn up with holey clothes... it would be the first sign of some kind of awful slippery

slope to failure, degradation and eventually prison and a lonely death. Obviously, the truth of it is only that the moths decided to have dinner and I am too busy to go down the shops... but parents worry.... so the holey clothes will stay at home. Next update in a week or so. Take care of yourselves. x

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