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Mad Week

Its been a bit of a mad week. 14 moon jars went to new homes, one or two of them before I even had a chance to photograph them. Sorry about that. They are flying out of the door! Bit wierd that. Anyway, I have been up in the shed throwing new ones to replace the stock, although I doubt next week will be quite so crazy. It was like the planets for moon jar love have been in alignment. 14 moon jars is a big dent in the collection, and people always ask how I can bear to part with the work. The answer is that its a bit mixed. Part of you always wants to keep personal favourites, but I need to be able to keep producing special work, so that is what I have to do. You can't hold on to past work, or very little of it. You have to let go and then move on. It helps that all the terrific people who visit show such love and appreciation for the work that I know the pots are going to a good home. So a big thank you to the special people who came to visit. You know who you are.

Just to complicate things, in the middle of the week, just as I was trying to replenlish stock, we had a film crew in the house making idents for a movie channel. This was not particularly helpful to the potting karma, but it all helps the bank balance (potting not being known to lead to great riches)! It was a little stressful having 24 people run all over your house denting the walls, but as there was no real harm done, it ended ok. After all that, I am looking forward to having fewer distractions next week. First priority is to finish the new moon jars for the stock. So I hope to be posting new work over next week before anyone else comes and buys it. Keep an eye out, especially for the bamboo leaf moon jars, which are turning out really well. Have a good weekend.

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