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Just in case you are in need of some inspiration over the coming weeks, check out Sarah Outen ( She is in the process of travelling around the world under her own steam... on her kayak, bike and a rowing boat. She is trying to bring her journey to a close by rowing across the Atlantic. In terms of the back story, she originally rowed the Indian Ocean. Then she decided to embark on the current adventure. She started by kayaking to France. She then she cycled and kayaked to Japan and then she rowed the Pacific. The Pacific took 2 attempts. On the first attempt she met a Typhoon and had to be rescued. Despite the scare, she restarted the following year and the original plan was to row to the US. The weather had other ideas and she ended up landing in Adak on the Aleutian Islands. These are the chain of islands which snake from Alaska towards Russia. She then kayaked up the Islands, which I don't think had been done before. So far, so impressive. She then got straight on her bike (at the end of last summer) and cycled straight across Canada and the US, in the depths of Winter. Having completed that, she started her row at the beginning of June. If you look at her track, you can see that Ocean rowing is not straightforward. You can't row against headwinds and you generally get pushed back in the opposite direction. How frustrating must that feel? You want to go home, and you are going backwards, sometimes for days. Anyway, this young woman is tough, though she doesn't always feel like it. When she ends up again in London, and I am sure she will, I will go and salute her. She has shown that when life doesn't go to plan, you adapt and that the journey is definitely more important that the end objective. Sarah, you are a special and inspirational person. Keep going. x

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