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Is the glass half full or half empty?

One advantage of getting older is the getting wiser, if you want to. If you pay attention, life teaches you stuff. Alternatively, you can just stay the same and expect everything to go your way because you deserve it. The problem with this is, life doesn't owe us anything. So one thing I have got better at is expecting life to be a bit tricky. Expecting anything else is likely to make you cross every time you get a less than perfect outcome. Life is mostly a bit of an obstacle course, designed by someone with a bad sense of humour, but that's ok. I met someone the other day who hadn't worked it out. He came to fix my fridge and he was about the grumpiest person I had met in a while. The hinge he had come to replace wouldn't come out. He huffed and he puffed until I felt it was all my fault. I proffered a drill and a few suggestions, and after about half an hour the hinge was replaced. It was not so difficult in the end. You still would have thought he had conducted open heart surgery when he expected to stick on a plaster. He said to me in a plaintive tone "Why does this always happen to me?". I just smiled and said "It doesn't. It happens to everyone". Apparently, its one of the keys to being happy - just being grateful for what you have. If you don't believe me, ask Pollyanna (ok, read the book). Its not such a bad philosophy for life.

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