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South Georgia

A few years ago, Jules went to South Georgia. I couldn't go, but I let him go because I am a very understanding wife... on the basis that he could do research for our future voyages. South Georgia is one of the great wildernesses left on the planet. A few cruise ships pass by on their Antarctic voyages, but access is limited. The only way to visit properly is via a yacht, and that's what Jules did. He flew to the Falklands and then sailed the 900 odd miles South East to arrive at this epic place. I lent him my precious camera and he came back with some incredible images. The only thing I needed to use my imagination for was the smell (penguins and seals reek). I already know about the cold and the wind down there from when I sailed from South America to New Zealand. But the closest I came to this view was a distant glimpse of the magnificent mountains of Patagonia as we passed by. Its like Scotland on steriods. Anyway, I thought I would share some of the photos. We do plan to take our boat. She is totally unsuitable in some ways. Poor tankage capacity for water and fuel... zero protection in the cockpit and low freeboard (she likes to submarine through rough weather). Nonetheless, people have gone before us, including the amazing Mr and Mrs Carr. This incredible couple lived on their tiny wooden boat on and off in South Georgia for 15 years. They didn't even have a toilet. So I guess if they could do it, so can we. Take it look. If we made it, it would fill your eyes with such beauty that you would almost need nothing else for the rest of your life. Who needs a tropical beach when there is this.


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