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Going over old ground

This is a rehash of my second pot ever. I gave my sister the original and then forgot about it, until I went to visit the other week. Anyway, the original is not great. It looks like something an infant did for her parents in art class (which is about right). It looks kind of slumped around the base for a start - like a spare tyre. Bad form. Anyway, looking at the pot felt a bit like my past coming back to haunt me. H protested that she likes it, but I am making her another. I guess I am embarrassed having work out there that is, frankly, a bit crap. She said she is keeping the old one, and I don't mind. But I do want her to have a better one. This is the remake - with no slumping. She can put them side by side and remind herself that practice makes (almost) perfect. I'll get a photo of them both when its finished so we can compare...

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