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Smoke Firing Progress

The other side of today's smoke fired pot.  It reminds me a bit of trees silhouetted against the moon.jpg

So here we go: Pot number #7. For the time being, they are individually numbered. I am making them in pairs and they get smoke fired side by side with only one element changed. The idea is to be able to see what difference that single element makes to the smoke effect. The companion pot to this one was completely different - the same chalky skin I have been getting and the shadows were pale and indistinct. Contrast it with this one and the shadows have really penetrated the surface so the contrast is really good - I am happy with this result. We are definitely making progress in terms of learning how each variable affects the outcome. I will repeat this particular experiment next week to check it wasn't the fire gods interfering with the outcome. I also want to remake the terra sigilatta that makes one of these vessels shiny (the other is burnished). Anyway, this one reminds me of a moon behind winter tree branches. What do you think? Onwards.

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