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Summer Exhibition


Yesterday Una and I bunked off, for a good cause: Una had a free pass to the preview of the Royal Academy of Art's Summer Exhibition. In no particular order, this is why it was amazing. #1: It was free (free good stuff is always brilliant). #2: It was the best kind of blue sky day in London. Yesterday, there was nothing to dislike about this beautiful City. She looked all dressed up in the sun. So were a lot of the posh people looking at art. #3: I cycled to the Academy. So what? Well there is no better way to arrive. Try it. Weaving in and out of crazy London traffic while bunking off, with warm wind in your hair feels like the best kind of freedom. #4: I was with Una, which is always the best. #5: After marvelling at the mind blowing variety of contemporary art (which made MoMA look really narrow and a bit pompous), we topped it off with a lunch on the pavement of a Mayfair eatery. It was full of beautiful people, which made us laugh. I will remember yesterday forever.

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