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Close encounters

Grey Seal.JPG

When we were kayaking back on Monday, we had a close encounter with a grey seal. They are a bit like friendly dogs, so we love coming across them in the kayak. First, you see the slate grey blob in the water that may or may not be floating rubbish or a mooring buoy. Then it disappears and you know it was a seal. They are such curious creatures, you just have to sit and wait to see where he comes up next. Sure enough, he came closer, but this one was smart. He kept surfacing behind us so we would just hear the air blow through his nostrils before he ducked under the water again. Eventually he surfaced in front of us and I said "Hello!". He stayed a while and even swam alongside us as we kayaked along. Wonderful. It made me more impatient to kayak in Scotland. We will be spoiled for otters and seals and sea birds. I will be in nature heaven!

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