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Lau Soundscapes

It was Cambridge Folk Festival 2012. I didn't know much about Folk music, so I messed around online beforehand to check out who was performing. One of the bands on the list was Lau in the main tent on a quiet Saturday lunchtime spot. These three unassuming guys sauntered on stage with some good banter and started playing. Neither Jules or I will ever forget it. In effect, we were bewitched. If music is a language, then Lau speaks a language that comes from a place I had forgotten. But when they play, you remember. You feel surrounded by landscape and colour and memories of a place where you have been and loved deeply. Their music takes you back there and you feel like someone is reaching inside you and stirring your soul. Its incredible. You have to see them live. Really, you do. Maybe they don't speak your language. Its ok. But if they do, Lau's music will open you up, take you by the hand and lead you to that half remembered place. Listen to the song "Ghosts" on their new album. Haven't you known that song forever? I saw Lau play last night and I went back to that magical half forgotten place. I had to tell you about it so you can go to.

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