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First Commissions

The most popular piece by far over the recent Open House event was this one. Its ironic because it was one of my least favourite pieces and I priced it accordingly. To my amazement, they proceeded to sell like hot cakes! We even moved the place where the vessel sat, as it had started out in a "prime" spot (supermarket equivalent of end of isle eye height). It still sold. The main lesson here is not to prejudge pieces so harshly.... there needs to be some recognition in the pricing of a piece's objective quality and the work involved. When I said I "didn't think it was any good", that was my subjective assessment, and not a properly objective one. Luckily the commissioners were all lovely people so I am really happy they are getting these. Its taken me about three days' work to make these so far - with a bit of finishing left to do before the first firing. I have not so much enjoyed remaking something I don't love, but its been good practice to reproduce these tricky little vessels ... as well as a lesson on the dangers of emotional pricing!

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