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10 days to go

Instagram - Parsnip pots against a dark wall. Criminal line up.  Spot the guilty

I am starting to finish or collect finished pieces from college. Everything needs to be back at the house because the Dulwich Festival starts in 10 days. I took the opportunity to photograph some of the finished pieces, so check out the galleries for the latest images.

I have a chip and pin machine... some bags and bubble wrap. I have red dots and labels and I only need to make cake and signs to direct people into the house. There is a glaze firing going on in the shed now, but I am no longer worried about any of this. I will have the pieces I will have and there is no longer anything I can do to be ready. This weekend we will disappear off to the boat... so there will be boat pictures instead of pot pictures posted to instagram. That'll make a nice change for everyone.

I can hardly believe that a bit over three years ago this journey had not really even started. If you had told me then that I would be making pots, and generally instagramming and blogging about it, with a website, I would have thought you were bonkers. It just goes to show that anyone can go shooting off on a crazy tangent to WHO KNOWS WHERE! Its made everything brilliantly interesting, just when a lot of other things were either desperately stressful or chaotic or sad. So yes, go and find your tangent.... it might be the best thing you ever do.

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