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Get back on the horse!

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Here is my "get back on the horse" pot.

Yes, you guessed it: the glaze firing of last week was a mixed bag. The original of these pots had a very bad case of "crawl" where the glaze pools in globules and leaves areas bare. Its not a good look and it means one of my favourite pots was ruined. On the upside, the small moon jars that I glazed on the inside are sweet and saleable items. I still felt disconsolate and confused. What could have caused the problem? I went to the internet and it seems I may have glazed this one slightly too thickly. Anyway, after a few days of crying inside, I made another one - now I feel better. Its the best way to deal with set backs. We had just better hope that this one survives the bisque firing and makes it through the glazing. I like it so much, I might have to buy it from myself in the sale...

p.s. The husband should get a special mention here because this weekend was a boat weekend and he took one look at me and he just understood. He said "stay [in the shed] if you want". So this piece is really for him. Thanks Jules.

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