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Shed Mascot

Meet Oscar (aka "The King of Cats"). Oscar lives at number 16a but sort of left home last year when his owners adopted two rescue cats. Now he only lives at 16a when he is not trying out the neighbours' soft furnishings. Oscar spends his time gaining entry to any house which has no other cats in residence. In temperament, he is a bit like King Henry VIII. At times he is delighted with the attention of his human slaves, and at others he is just disgusted. Anyway, he has good taste because he likes the shed and has taken to sitting inside while I am working, looking at the view (although the dust makes him sneeze). Oscar and me understand each other. Life sucks and then you die, right Oscar? But human slaves and cat free soft furnishings help take the edge off the misery. Check out the thousand yard stare. Love him.

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