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New work and a photoshoot

Some new things last week. Firstly, I was experimenting with the swan necked shapes to see if I could give them a sense of "uncoiling" at the top. This resulted in two broken vessels and I have admitted defeat (for now). I think some paperclay could be the solution, but I need more time to make mistakes and I don't have that now. I did the vessel above over the weekend, which is ok, but I am not wild about it. Maybe it will be better once its glazed. I have thrown another of the open vase shapes to see if that can be improved in the meantime.

Most exciting event of last week was a visit from a professional photographer. Apparently, want to feature the "ceramics studio" as a "space of the week" on their website. I'll publish a link when its out so you can see the 2.6 x 3m space in all its glory. I have to say, I was slightly amazed that anyone would want to do a single feature on such a small working space. But here is the magic of these studio spaces; For a start, they are all yours. What you do or think in this space is up to you - its your territory and noone elses. Within these very personal walls, you feel safe to let loose. Disasters don't matter as you only have to show your successes. What goes on in the shed stays in the shed (unless you say otherwise!). Obviously this can only encourage your creativity. Quite whether this will come over in the piece is uncertain. Maybe you have to get your first shed to appreciate its power.


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