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Next time you see these miniature pod vessels, they will be fired back to white before being returned to the pit for another go. I had a bit of a nightmare with the barrel firing this weekend if I am honest. I treated them exactly the same way as normal (in two different firings) and for the first time all I got was a really sooty exterior. I don't think its the fuel, because the pots are covered in a case which should stop them getting smoked too much. I don't think its the finish because that is the same as usual. It was very windy this weekend.... The casings were maybe dryer than normal. I just don't know why the things I put inside the case combusted into a cloud of black soot instead of leaving a defined shadow on the surface like usual. Maybe its a bit like a joint of meat and the smaller jars need less heat and time in the fire! Thing is, I don't know. Each firing takes 4 hours or more, plus prep and its SO disheartening to open them up and see the graphite black sneeze marks instead of delicate wavy lines! On Wednesday I am going to try and make an offering to the fire gods.... I NEVER get black like this! At this rate I am going to start having to make some proper notes while I try and eliminate the problem. I am going to start by halving the sawdust for these babies and leaving the pots slightly damp inside. All this "returning to the drawing board" takes time and I am up against that a bit. Anyway, I just thought I would show you that things don't always go to plan. I'll let you know when I come out the other side.

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