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I've had a theory for a while about bad stuff that happens. I noticed that whenever this bad stuff came along, I would be stoic for a while (don't we all), but at some point, I'd go "sod this" and do something to make it better. Some of the things I did turned out to be really good. So you could say that my life wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without having the bad stuff sending me out there to shake the trees. Thanks bad stuff. Another thing is that creativity and learning new skills have been at the centre of these changes. Its a bit like being really thirsty - when your body tells you that you need to drink something now. I knew I needed to make stuff like I was parched and the making stuff was ice cold water. That's why I ended up taking an evening course in ceramics, and then I got a shed (pic), and then I got a website and social media being what it is, you have to put yourself out there. I am not sure about that, but what's the worst that can happen? I'll get back to you on that one. In the meantime, embrace your bad stuff, listen to what you need and make that change.

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