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New Pottery assistant

When we got Rollo, my mum got terribly excited about me "becoming a mum". For god's sake mother.... That is not a path I found myself going down, even though I did intend to at some point. In my heart, I always suspected I wouldn't have been any good at it. If anything, Rollo has confirmed this. Don't get me wrong, I am as dutiful as hell, which is the problem. I think the best mothers need to be borderline neglectful, or you must be in a permanent state of anxiety about whether your children are dead/dying/starving/(god forbid) unhappy/popular/or whether they even like you at all. So it is with Rollo, I find myself in a constant state of worry, about how much he is eating, whether he has been sufficiently accustomed to the car, whether he has been outside enough.....and so on. I have gone mad. Its ridiculous. I seriously need to chill out.... So the purpose of Rollo's existence is not just to keep me company in the shed during the months when Jules goes away. Its to teach me to STOP WORRYING. Its not working so far.

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