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So the 2nd shed Monday was a new smoke fire day. The sawdust was a bit damp and so the hairdryer was requisitioned... which gives really good sparks.... Anyway, I tried a new leaf as I have the very precise shadows back at the moment. I used jasmine this time from the hedge outside the shed. The results are very "pretty", which is not always my thing, but it made me think that this would look nice on a different shaped pot - maybe larger. I'll give it some thought. Last week I was making new moon jars for further experiments (they all have to be made to a certain method as prescribed by the particular test I want to do). The remainder of the time, I was wrestling with Sculpture II. I destroyed it already, but I took a picture first. Its wasn't right, but this is a process. The hard part is finding out what the limits are on these pieces. They crack easily as they shrink. Anyway, I am not sure I am ready to do another. You wouldn't believe how much these things deplete and ruin your confidence. This one was such a struggle, I am not sure I could have loved it even if it had been right. I said as much on Instagram and a lovely man sent me some words of encouragement. So I will keep on. I need to find an easier path, but it will come. Back to the drawing board.

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