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Another colour

February 22, 2017


This pot gave me another of those " I need to run outside and kiss a neighbour" moments.  Antique golds.... wonderful.   I got it using the new technique that gave me the pinks I blogged about earlier.   Not sure why the oscillation between antique gold and pinks, but its probably the sawdust.   I need to do a lot more experiments.   Luckily, this method brings some really good outcomes and I mind less about the precise colours.  My traditional method on the other hand has become really tricky on account of my very dry oak sawdust.  It burns so bright and hot, regardless of the conditions that its literally destroying the shiny surfaces of the pots.  Even if it doesn't destroy them, they are very dark.  I am wracking my brains how to slow it down.   I'll get back to you on that one.  In the meantime, I am literally fearing setting fire to anything - literally dreading the outcome - yet another blackened pot.  This is not a great frame of mind to start a firing - you need to be brave!   What this usually means is that its time to throw caution to the wind and get radical - try new and crazy things on the basis that I have nothing to lose!  

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