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Potter remembers how to pot

August 11, 2015

I had the worst throwing session yesterday.   The clay was soft but I was fighting it.   I managed to get six ok pots done in the end, but it took me ages and three casualties.   I don't know why this happens, and it hasn't happened for ages.   I guess maybe the muscle memory leaves you and your brain kicks in too strong.  It pays not to think to deeply about these things.  The brain mucks everything up and you stop feeling.   Throwing is 90% feel and about 10% brain.  The mix must have been wrong.  I had to console myself that only a week earlier I had thrown a really nice big moon jar, so the skills are there.   Just not yesterday.   It doesn't matter.   I'll process these and throw another six on Thursday.   By then I should be back in the game.   Moral of the story - potters shouldn't take holidays!


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