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New work

July 28, 2015


The new smoke fired pieces continue to flow.  I am trying to work out when to stop for now.   I am much more in control of the process than even a few weeks ago.  Nevertheless, I have more questions to answer, so perhaps I go forward to try and answer those, in addition to completing the new stock with a few key pieces.  For example, I want to know if a re-fired piece (to erase a 'bad' result) can yield a quality result second time round.  I have not conclusively proved this to myself (i.e. whether the second firing somehow compromises the ability of the piece to absorb smoke and, if so, to what extent).   I want to play a bit more with terra sigillata and I am thinking of investing in a spray gun..... I am also thinking of "going large" with a few pieces.... A large one of the bamboo pieces could be really striking.  I have been really pleased with the smaller bamboo pieces (bamboo courtesy of my neighbour's garden).   These look like Chinese ink paintings, and yet the gentle colour patterns didn't come from a brush and human hand.  It is really amazing what the fire can do.   Who would have thought that a collaboration with a dustbin of sawdust and a blow torch could be so much fun... 



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