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More dancing pots

Yesterday's shed day comprised another failed pit fire (GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH) and these fellas. I am showing them to you in motion. They make me smile as they dance together in the sunset. Its bad to imbue them with human characteristics, like we do with animals, but there is something about these vessels that make them appear to interact when they are in a group. I do think they need a third to complete the group. Its funny how these objects look better in threes. Why is that? So I might have to rush home this evening and throw a baby version to make the grouping complete. It would be good to get these fired for next week. The difficult part of making these is to get the centre of gravity right - because they have a smaller base than the narrower necked versions. I get it so they "look" about right and then test by rocking them back and forward to see if they fall more easily one way or another. The thing is, you can't know for sure until they are dried.

There is also a glaze firing in the kiln which will be ready to open this evening. Triumph or failure or somewhere in between? If I get home in time I will be able to photograph and upload the results. Watch this space!

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