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March 31, 2015

This picture was taken mid Atlantic Ocean in 2004.  We were racing a boat from the UK to Argentina and at this stage we were several hundred miles off the coast of North Africa.   It was around the same time that the surface of the water was covered in dead locusts....

March 30, 2015

Some new things last week.   Firstly, I was experimenting with the swan necked shapes to see if I could give them a sense of "uncoiling" at the top.   This resulted in two broken vessels and I have admitted defeat (for now).   I think some paperclay could be the soluti...

March 27, 2015


Activity in the shed this week has been mixed.  I have been trying to carve the swan necked vessels into more ambitious shapes, and I have learned a lot about what doesn't work.    My clay recycling bucket is full for my troubles.   As ever, this is progress, but I ha...

March 26, 2015




These photos were taken in the 1950s by my husband's father.  He lived in Africa with his young family and some of his work involved travelling around the rural communities.   These women are from a different time and culture, but as a potter I feel a connection to...

March 24, 2015

Great Auntie Barbie (the lady in the centre of the photo) was my Grandma Dot's sister.   From as early as I can remember, Auntie Barbie had a very bad rep in my family.   Noone seemed to want to see her much.  In a family of OCD clean freaks, Barbie was cross, messy an...

March 23, 2015

 I have been spending some time trying to develop the carved theme into new shapes.   After the last one cracked as it dried, I thought I could use it as a maquette (a sort of preliminary model) before it got recycled.  I looked at it and noticed that if I cut through...

March 19, 2015

In my non-potting previous life, I spent a lot of time mentoring junior colleagues.   These young people helped me to do my work and in return I tried to pass on my knowledge.  In the end, it was the most rewarding part of what I did.   Nothing is more satisfying than...

March 16, 2015

Here are the weekend's pots.  They are proof that for defined marks, you have to do the first (bisque) firing at a lower temperature.  Next step is to raise the temperature gradually on the first firing to see where the "tipping point" is.   Its interesting that at the...

March 12, 2015

So in the last 7 days, I found out that all of the bisqued pots in my shed are probably not going to be suitable for smoke firing, I blew out the bottom of the new carved shape (air bubble or too thick) and had palpitations that my long necked vessels would suffer an a...

March 9, 2015

 Anyone reading some of the previous posts (all two of you) will know we have been having some trouble with the pit firing.   The problem is that I am getting colour washes but very little defined markings.  This differs from previous pots which are very defined and I...

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