The squeaky wheel

Its that time of year when we eat too much and look back over the year. We live in funny times. Not funny ha ha: Funny weird. Sometimes I am glad I live in my Highland bubble. My neighbours are lovely and we help each other out in an old fashioned way. I drink a lot of tea. Here I can imagine I live in world without extremism, evil dictators, corporate greed, point scoring politicians, fake news.... Its no accident that even the most socially responsible person in the village has stopped watching the news. Its too depressing - and inward looking. Having said this, lately some of us have started to feel the need to do something more than just support our community and vote respons

Clay - the window to your soul

I got invited to the local primary school to make Christmas decorations with the six children.... I know... six. Its a beautiful little school. I think it must be a brilliant way to start school life. The children are terrific. Anyway, the teacher had initially suggested we make Christmas tea lights, but as these usually involve carving holes in the side, I had images of knives and small fingers and thought perhaps not. Then I came up with these Christmas tree candle shades. Same thing but different. The only thing I was worried about was whether the children would cope, especially the smaller ones. The test version I made was really fiddly. So I made a back up Santa Claus Chris

Ship's cat training

Rollo gets to be a normal cat most of the time, but we are also trying to encourage his natural adventure cat tendencies. The general idea, if he is up for it, is that he comes sailing with us in the Summer. This is fine, but we have to move slowly to get him comfortable with the idea. This means we have to look at every new situation through his eyes. He doesn't understand the sea, or boats, or sailing. He only has our trust to go on if we suggest something new. He doesn't need much encouragement, but brand new experiences can be daunting. The weather here conspired all autumn to prevent us starting the ship's cat training, so we started this later than we wanted. He was initially

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